Museum opening on Easter Day / mice

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I opened the Museum today for our normal Sunday 2 – 5 opening to the public. We did have some discussion prior on whether this would be worth doing on Easter Day. In the event, I had ONE visitor - a taking of $3 concession for the day!

This did though give me a chance to type up the minutes from this month's Management Committee meeting - from the Treasurer's notes as I was an apology, away in the country.

It also gave me a chance to check five mouse traps – and clear two very small mice. One was caught in a traditional wood and wire spring trap and one in modern plastic – both with strawberry jam! I'm not sure if we now only have young mice or if the old ones are too smart to get caught in traps.

I re-loaded the traps with orange marmalade – a bit of a scientific experiment!


Peanut butter is supposed to be good too!

I recall visiting Highercombe some years ago and seeing the mess created by a swarm of bees that had come down a chimney into the storeroom. Has the museum got a photo of that?

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