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I updated the Museum website yesterday to include a summary of our latest exhibition.

Pubs of our Past is a small but interesting exhibit available in the Pioneer Room for about six months.

‘In many cases, hotels were the first structures built in newly colonised areas. They typically served multiple functions, simultaneously serving as hostelry, post office, dining, a meeting place and sometimes even the general store. From 1841-1858 there were eleven licensed hotels in the Highercombe District. It would be another 101 years before the next hotel was licensed in the area.’

The exhibit includes historic images and information on the hotels and some of the Colonial Licensing Regulations, e.g.

The minimum drinking age was 12 years until raised to 15 in 1876.

Playing cards on Sunday was prohibited.

Of course, while visiting the exhibit people can explore one of those hotels in detail - the Highercombe Hotel.




Do you know the original name of the unley on Clyde hotel?

Do you know the original name of the unley on Clyde hotel?

Great article, just what I was looking for.

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