A Musical Interlude

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On Sunday I attended Heritage on Sunday at Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum. The theme was ‘A Musical Interlude’.

The weather was delightful – a great day to relax in the shade of the garden and listen to gentle music. I wasn’t on duty as a guide so I could relax along with over 60 other visitors! Three musicians entertained us during the afternoon.

As well as the normal Devonshire tea, people had the option of a savoury platter and wine or soft drinks.

Of added interest was a koala watching proceedings from a gum tree near the museum back door. It fell asleep as the afternoon progressed - a little too much activity to bear! Another could be seen high in another tree.

As well as the music, people explored the museum displays and visited the blacksmith. He was making chain links when I visited. Those who have visited before could appreciate the progress being made on the area to house our transport display.

This was the last Heritage on Sunday for the year - there won’t be one in December or January. The final public event for the year is ‘Colours of Christmas’, daily 10 am – 2 pm, from Sunday 6th to Sunday 13th December. This will also be the last chance for people to visit the Gift Shop and pick up craft for Christmas.




Congratulations on another great event - Love the new catering options!

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