Spring at the National Railway Museum

Museum management


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Spring has arrived at the National Railway Museum and the gardens are in bloom. The Museum has 3 volunteer gardeners Graham, Robert and Ivan, who do a fantastic job of keeping the grounds looking good.They spend approximately 30 hours a week in the Museum garden undertaking many tasks, including propagating, planting and pruning trees, bushes, hedges, flowers and bulbs. They also construct features within the gardens, such as paths, paved areas, and planter boxes, and they maintain and repair gardening equipment.

The gardens at the Museum are visited by native lizards such as bluetongues, and native birds including magpies, wattlebirds and honeyeaters.

Some of the plants flowering now in the garden are roses, gazanias, iris, geraniums, lavender, clivias, daisies and succulents. Graham’s favourite plants in the Museum gardens include roses and the flowering jacaranda.  Robert’s favourites are the colourful gazanias, and the wooly bush. Ivan’s are the iris and geraniums.



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