Volunteer Profile: Andrew Peters

Collection management

The following is a blog about Andrew Peters, NRM's dedicated volunteer Collection Manager, Audio Visual and Research Assistant, written in Andrew's own words:

How I Started….
I never had a chance to escape…….I have been involved with the Museum almost from the time I was born in 1979. My Father has been a member of the Museum since the early to mid-1970’s, and I spent my early years on the Museum’s former Mile End site growing up around the trains and people at the Museum. In 1993 at the age of thirteen I became more actively involved as a younger member and started with simple jobs and slowly progressed to more complex tasks.

In 2001 I had the opportunity to work on Pichi Richi Railways NM25 project as a trainee. During my weekends and rostered days off from the NM 25 project I was down at the Museum helping restorations for our then Centenary of Federation Project. During this time I began to get more involved with more of the restorations and collections areas at the Museum.

My Main Roles at the Museum
* Project Manager (Overland sleeping cars Onkaparinga, Allambi ,Travelling Post Office Van and Replica Adelaide Indicator Board)
* Archives Collection Manager Audio / Visual (Member of Collection Management Group)
* Roster Clerk
* Research Assistant
* Restorations and displays
* Photo Editor for Museum’s Catch Point magazine
Things I enjoy
* Music all (all types but mostly Rock and Roll and Metal)
* Movies and TV
* Being creative
* Being Busy
* Working in Archives
Things I dislike
* Hot weather
* Repeating work
* Not being creative



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