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Shylie Edwards

The following is a volunteer profile of our wonderful graphic designer Shylie Edwards, written in her own words.

How I started
I commenced at the National Railway Museum, 2001. At the time I was looking for employment in the field of graphics. I went to Volunteering SA  and applied for the position of ‘Educational Officer’ at the Railway Museum. The words ‘museum’, ‘railways’ and the fact that I lived locally, interested me.

I was interviewed by the Museum Manager (at the time) -Steve Yorke, he was working on a  large exciting  project - building of the Commonwealth Railways pavilion (CR). A very positive person... I presented my graphics portfolio. Steve asked me about may interest in railways, trains etc . I told him that my father worked for the South Australian Railways Islington Workshops - fitter and turner, I was previously a contract designer for State Transport Authority, I travelled 18 months on trains through England and western Europe, as a child my mother fascinated us with tales of her travels on the legendary Ghan, train trips to Victor Harbor, steam engines........yes I loved railways.

On board
I was accepted! My work consisted researching and compiling educational packages. Within 3 months I was asked to design the graphics for the Commonwealth Railways pavilion. The work was quite new to me, not knowing the software and the physical size of the displays; one of the display boards measured 8 x 1 metres ...a real challenge! However after approx 6 - 9 months the work was completed.

Decided to stay
Not needing to leave, I saw there was so much graphic work to be done; forms, flyers, business cards, interpretive displays, posters, signage and no person to carry out all this jobs..... Then due to health it was not possible to return to the workplace.....the years have rolled on......my big projects have been, producing graphics for Thomas the Tank Engine Event (8 years) ...and this year a new idea/event Circus Train comes to the Port. This year has been very very busy, but lots of fun, producing the graphics for the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

My graphic work comes for the Curator, Operations Manager, Bookshop Manager, Executive Officer. I am the sole designer for the museum. I have lots of support and  have the fastest computer and the biggest monitor!! The volunteers a wonderful bunch of people, there are ‘fights’ but with a hug we get on with life....just like a big family!

What makes me happy
white space
vector graphics
high res images
deadlines and tight budgets
people with a sense of humour
team players



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