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Cold enough for a blanket and campfire?

I blogged recently about cleaning my hammers and mallets ready for the Curious Collections day.

I am also displaying my Scout campfire blanket and have had to prepare it to hang from a picture rail. Read more about Cold enough for a blanket and campfire? >

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If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail

‘If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail’ - Abraham Maslow.

I have about 70 and I spent time today preparing them for the Curious Collections day next Sunday. Read more about If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail >

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Highercombe Herald Autumn edition

Another busy day on Museum business … publishing the newsletter ‘The Highercombe Herald’ Autumn edition.

The Florey Electorate Office of Frances Bedford MP had 200 printed copies waiting for me from the PDF file I previously emailed to them. Read more about Highercombe Herald Autumn edition >

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Search for the first ANZAC biscuit recipe revisited

Pauline discovers what is ordinary and extraordinary about the humble Anzac biscuit from culinary historian Allie Reynolds who is on a mission to find the first or earliest pre-1920s recipe  Read more about Search for the first ANZAC biscuit recipe revisited >

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'Twix Horses and Conveyors

Specially modified tractors replaced horses for shunting rail wagons on the Port Lincoln jetties in 1952, and were in turn superseded by bulk loading conveyors in the 1960s. One has survived in virtually original condition, and is now being restored by the Port Lincoln Railway Museum. Read more about 'Twix Horses and Conveyors >

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NRM feature on SA Life

The National Railway Museum was recently featured on popular South Australian television program SA Life, telling stories of railway history and hauntings at the Museum. Read more about NRM feature on SA Life >

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Bub's Birthday

Bub’s Birthday was held at the National Railway Museum on Sunday the 13th of April and was enjoyed by over 1,700 visitors. Read more about Bub's Birthday >

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Volunteer Profile: Andrew Peters

Our latest volunteer profile is about Andrew Peters, who has been involved with the Museum since birth. Andrew has many roles at the Museum including collection management, research and project management. Read more about Volunteer Profile: Andrew Peters >

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One Last Look

Members of the Port Lincoln Railway Museum had the opportunity recently to inspect a former railway site. Read more about One Last Look >

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