Using the Handbook

This Handbook is the essential manual for History SA’s Community Museums Program (CMP).

The Handbook:

  • explains the scope of the Community Museums Program (CMP)
  • outlines the relationship between History SA and the network of community-based museums already in, or seeking to join, the Community Museums Program
  • explains the relationship between the CMP and the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries (2008)
  • sets out the national standards that the CMP follows, and explains specific History SA requirements for CMP museums
  • offers advice on how to understand and implement the standards and meet the specific History SA requirements
  • lists essential resources

The Handbook is intended as a ready reference for museum management committees and workers. The word ‘workers’ refers to both volunteers and paid staff. 

Museums are required to keep the Handbook in an easily accessible place in the museum’s work area.

The Handbook should be used in conjunction with other museum management resources.

This Handbook (November 2008) replaces the previous manual, Handbook for Registered and Accredited Museums (November 2003).

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