Gawler National Trust Museum

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59 Murray Street GAWLER SA 5118

The Gawler Branch of the National Trust of South Australia was established in 1965. The branch operates a museum at 59 Murray Street in the main street of Gawler, South Australia. The museum portrays the local history of Gawler and district with displays of objects in context. The museum is located in a Heritage listed building. This is a fine two-storeyed stone structure initially built to house a telegraph office and first used in 1861. Subsequent uses include a school of mines and an electoral office, and most recently for the Gawler Museum. Significant items in the museum's collection include: a Triola, Aoelian Orchestralle, box piano, Paternosters’ musical instrument, John McKinlay’s travelling chests, Timer fashion dresses and Hoffman’s pottery. As well as keeping the museum open, activities include: school and group tours by arrangement, history walking tours by arrangement, monthly meetings on fourth Wednesday 7.30-9pm.
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History SA Registered
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Require services of researcher for history of Gawler and district schools from 1838 to present time.
Kym, Tramway Museum (L) and Brian, Willunga Museum have a mince pie 'for the road' with South Australian Museum's Luke

Christmas comes early in Hindmarsh

This week Amanda and I played Santa for a number of museums in our...

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Gawler Presents History SA's 'Vote Yes: The 1967 Referendum'

History SA's travelling display 'Vote Yes', focusing on the 'Yes' campaign, which succeeded in 1967 in changing the Australian constitution and is remembered as the moment when Indigenous Australians achieved citizenship in their own land.  It remembers the people who came together and worked for the 'Yes' vote, and South Australia's contribution.

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Gawler National Trust Chairman, David Tucker with a Teacher and Students from Wasleys Primary School

School Program Excites and Delights

Wasleys Primary School students were the first to take part in the...

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