How do I? - help sheets

Find information on a wide range of topics relevant to the practice of history, running museums, collections management and conservation. Search by keyword, category or tagged topic to locate the information you are seeking. Each helpsheet relates to an area of the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries (NSAMG).

Oral History

Conducting an oral history interview is another way of researching and gathering information which can be used in museum interpretation. Oral history allows you to record and preserve memories and stories that are not written down on paper.

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Cleaning in Museums

Regular cleaning of display and storage spaces and collection items is an essential part of good museum management practice.  The help sheet gives you the dirt on dust and explains how to go about tackling cleaning tasks. Specific information is given on good ways to clean particular types of items too. 

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Indigenous acknowledgement: examples

Registered and accredited museums are required to acknowledge the Indigenous owners and custodians of the land on which the museum is sited. This Help Sheet provides a number of examples of wording of such an acknowledgement.

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Cataloguing Collections

This help sheet contains:

  • information about documenting collection items
  • information about physically applying registration numbers to collection items
  • explanations of cataloguing fields that should be included on a General Record Sheet
  • a sample General Record Sheet for cataloguing object collection items.
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Interpretive Signs

This help sheet outlines some basics of preparing content for interpretive signs that highlight a place, person or event of historical interest. It gives tips on planning, using images, writing style and graphic design.
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Forward Planning Template

Need a template for preparing a Forward (strategic) Plan for your museum or historical society? Museums Australia Victoria has a useful example in the resources section of their website.  You can find it here.
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Australian Curriculum History Making Links With Schools

Is your community museum looking to attract school groups?
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