Donation form example

Using this example Donation Form

  • Insert the museum’s name and logo into the space at the top of the page.
  • Insert the museum’s name in the NAME OF MUSEUM sections on the form.
  • The footer at the bottom of the page should be deleted or altered to show the date on which your museum adapted the form for its use.
  • The Schedule of item/s donated can be continued on the back of the page or on a separate page.
  • List items in the schedule individually, or in groups if appropriate with enough detail to make them clearly identifiable.


Hi I have drafted a Donations form for our emerging museum-based on a number of examples i found online and adpated to our purposes. It still a bit too complex, but would have liked to share it anyway. I like your example however and want to try to adapt it for easier use. It would be great to have your opinion. I have not been trained in museology or museum practise, but have spent the past 3 years learining while doing. its been a great journey. 

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