Accreditation for Old Highercombe Hotel Museum


Community Museums Program, accreditation

History SA is delighted to welcome the Old Highercombe Hotel Museum as an accredited museum in the Community Museums Program (CMP).  Old Highercombe Hotel Museum was first registered in the CMP in 1983 and has been actively working towards accreditation over the last few years.  In achieving accreditation the Museum joins an elite group of only ten accredited museums in South Australia. Accredited museums meet a level of excellence, measured against the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries (NSAMG).  Accreditation lasts for five years, after which time it is reviewed.  As a first-time accredited museum Old Highercombe Hotel will receive a $5,000 grant to be used for a major display or collections management project.

In the last few years Old Highercombe Hotel Museum has made significant advances in collections management with the establishment of a collection store, a comprehensive cataloguing program and the development of several high quality exhibitions that tell the history of the museum building and the wider Tea Tree Gully region.  The museum is heavily involved in its local community, runs a variety of innovative public programs that draw a range of visitors into the museum and constantly seeks to tell and promote local history in interesting and engaging ways.  

As well as fundraising activities and grants from various sources, the museum has also received more than $55,000 in funding through the CMP grant fund, a fund available exclusively to registered and accredited museums.  Most of this funding has been awarded in the last 10 years, assisting the museum to undertake key projects and move through the standards program from registration to accreditation.

Old Highercombe Hotel Museum is a wonderful model for other CMP museums and shows what a diverse group of volunteers can achieve with a bit of imagination, innovative flair and commitment to the work and purpose of community museums.


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