Considering the weather and settlement in South Australia


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For anyone with an interest in the weather, a new book by Tony Rogers highlights the role the weather has played in the settlement of the colony of South Australia.

Weather and the Science of Settlement: South Australia 1836 – 1860 delves into how weather influenced almost everything that the first European settlers in South Australia did and how they adapted horticultural practices to suit the new environment. Assertions about the weather played a significant role in the promotion of the colony of South Australia as a desirable place for Britons to emigrate. Something the book considers is the actual weather patterns during the first years after settlement and what the colonists thought of the climate.

In September 2011 a book reading was held at the Royal Society for the Blind with Channel 9’s weather man Brenton Ragless and book author Tony Rogers performing a dialogue of some of the stories from the book.

Tony Rogers received a grant through the South Australian History Fund to undertake research for the book and he is developing a blog about weather and settlement.

'Weather and the Science of Settlement' book reading at RSB's Knapman House, AdeYou can find out more on Tony's blog


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