A fond farewell

Time has flown! I can’t believe it is time to say good bye already– but little Cameron James is not so little any more, and Amanda will be back in the chair three days a week from mid-July, and Pauline will fill in the extra days.
It’s been an unbelievably busy time (being thrown in at the deep end just as the grants were closing wasn’t the baptism I’d hoped for!), but I can’t begin to tell you how thoroughly enjoyed this time working with the program. I have learned so much from the wonderful people working in community museums in South Australia. Your dedication, enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge is an inspiration, and I will return to my work with the National Motor Museum reinvigorated and refocused on the task at hand, thanks to my experiences over the last 12 months.
I have also visited some wonderful places in SA – sometimes it’s hard to believe they pay me to do this!
So thank you to everyone who made me so welcome, who was patient with the ‘new girl’ finding her feet, and was so generous with time and feedback.
Not only will I miss the work that I have been doing – but especially the people I have come to know through this work. I hope this isn’t good-bye. I’d love to keep in touch – please keep me on your contact lists and let me know how you are getting along (my email will remain the same: arussell@history.sa.gov.au). There are also a few projects that I will continue to work on – including working with Joanna from Artlab on the function objects ‘toolkit’ and some projects dedicated to finding new ways of working with communities – so I look forward to seeing you around.

Newsletter reference

CMP News No. 47 June 2010



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