A Leopard comes to Town!

A Leopard Tank on displayThe Army Museum is about to take possession of a 45 ton Main Battle Tank used by the Australian Army from 1977 until recently when the Abrams Tank was introduced into service. This Tank will be mounted on the SW corner of the Parade Ground at Keswick Barracks and provide a significant exhibit for those patrons who join us for a 'Heritage Walk' around Keswick Barracks. You will be able to join us on the Heritage Walk on Sunday, 7th August commencing at 2.00pm from the flagpole just inside the gates of Keswick Barracks.

A large crane will be lifting the giant tank off its low loader into position on the corner of the Parade Ground.  We will be videotaping this event.


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This sounds like a fantastic coup for your Museum in South Australia. It will be great to visit the Museum and see some current technology up close. Well done to those who negotiated and secured a tank for South Australia. With the ones at Edinburgh, Echunga and Morphett Vale we will soon have a Squadron of them for defending our footy teams against the Vics!

It's well worth while watching the tank being installed.
I was present as the Leopard tank was placed at Two Wells, and had the privilege to sit inside before it was welded up and sealed.Very few of the internal fittings had been removed from inside the tank, so its a bit of a time capsule.

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