Our Leopard 'Prowls' into Town

The Leopard Tank arrived on Thursday, 28th July 2011 on the back of a large low loader.  The crane had already pre positioned itself to lift this 45 ton monster off the carrier and onto the bitumen of the Keswick Barracks Parade Ground.  The Tank occupies a position on the SW corner of the parade ground and will be 'Holding Ground' in a ceremonial protection of the Ground.

The Tank will now form part of the Museum's 'outside' display as well as a topic of interest for those who participate in the Heritage Walk of Keswick Barracks which occurs on the first Sunday of each month commencing at 2.00pm from the flagpole just inside the gate of Keswick Barracks. The Leopard Tank was first introduced into the Australian Army in 1977 and officially withdrawn from service in July 2007. It was replaced by the USA built Abrams Tank. The Tanks were never fired a shot in anger.Tank numbers stood at 101, being made up of 90 MBTs, 5 Bridgelayers and 6 Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARV). (A further 2 Armoured Recovery Vehicles were purchased later.)


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