SA Community History online on time?

It has been a long time coming - with several reference group meetings, a training session and a lot of discussion, research and various setbacks over the past year - but History SA’s innovative Community History portal is at last scheduled to go live in March. A timely event, it is being launched as part of the commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Province of South Australia in 1836. In addition to the Directory of organisations, events calendar and news about community museums and community history activities within South Australia, it will also provide a single point of access to resources and professional advice in the form of online videos, fact sheets and the Community Museums Program handbook and grant application information. Interactive online forums will also enable you to participate in discussions and debates including live video events. In effect, it will be the ‘one stop shop’ for SA’s community history organisations and particularly those in our Community Museums Program who will have greater access to aspects of the site. It offers a huge potential for marketing, training and general networking amongst our members. You can read about the training session for our first group of CMP ‘guinea pigs’ on page 4.

Newsletter reference

CMP News No. 50 February 2011





The new site will be great for promoting our events and organisations, and linking up with the broader history community.

Thanks Marcus. It's all about networking!

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