Collections MOSAiC (IST)


Sally-Anne Whittington
08 9537 2874

Collections MOSAiC: A user-friendly, powerful Collections Management System suited to organisations of many different types and sizes. Store information about Objects & their related Subjects separately, to minimise data entry. Then link the Subjects to their related Objects and to each other. Attach unlimited images and any other digital files to Objects and/or Subjects. Build the whole picture to create comprehensive stories. Free telephone and email support for your 1st year, with support options available for further years. Train your organisation to catalogue efficiently and accurately by joining other organisations at our regional training sessions or by engaging us to train your organisation individually. Our training sessions also teach effective data retrieval and maintenance, as well as many tips & tricks on getting the most from your system with the least effort. We do use or authorise other organisations to conduct MOSAiC training. Receive your training direct from the source. Rew is a qualified and experienced teacher. To receive more information, a free evaluation pack, or training, email Sally-Anne or Rew and ask away.

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